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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Prof. Magnus L. Kpakol

Professor Magnus Kpakol is the founder of RED in Africa and Phenomenal Africa. He is the Chairman and CEO of Economic and Business Strategies (EBS) Ltd. He is a former Chief Economic Adviser to the President of Nigeria when he also served as CEO of the nation’s National Planning Commission. He was later a presidential advisor on poverty eradication. Prof. Kpakol taught economics for many years in the United States where he mostly resides.

Connect with Professor Magnus Kpakol

Join our Strategic Partnership and Global Skills Training with Prof. Magnus Kpakol

Be sure to join him in his training programs, Study Tours and Round Tables as follows:

  1. Virtual Training on strategic partnerships and global skills
  2. Global Study Tours - Virtual or Actual Trips to the United States and Singapore with Professor Kpakol
  3. Cover your world with our monthly breakfast meetings with Professor Kpakol
  4. Rebuild your career, business or organization to win in the fierce economic competition of the post-Corona virus pandemic.
  5. Receive our RED Letter and RED Flash directly from Prof. Kpakol. The RED Letter is an electronic monthly economic and business analysis of local and global trends that affect you. The RED Flash analyses major breaking local and global events.

Round Tables:

  1. Municipal Round Table - This is a platform for Local Government Leaders to share ideas and get connected with investment opportunities locally and from around the world. Our meetings can be real or virtual. Members of the Round Table can attend our real or virtual training on strategic partnerships. In addition, members can join us on our quarterly global Study Tours to the United States and Singapore. Some aspects of these Study Tours are also available virtually for learning, investment and trade relationships. Sign up now.
  2. Microfinance Round Table - A powerful way for many African communities to get out of the economic decline of the Corona virus pandemic is through microfinance. The Round Table will mostly be about ways of mobilizing low interest loans and partnerships locally and internationally.
  3. Young Pioneers Round Table - This is a platform for college graduates or other young people looking to find a career, develop their own careers or join the Professor Kpakol mentorship program.
  4. Three Pillars Round Table - A platform that brings together policy makers, business entrepreneurs and academic researchers. This Round Table provides a good way to own and speed economic development strategies and results. Discussions from the platform can help unlock funding for agriculture, small and medium enterprises and academic research that lead to human capital development and economic growth.