RED in Africa: A platform to promote productivity, networking and global partnerships

Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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The RED-in-Africa Forums in Dallas, Texas

Two RED-in-Africa Forums in Dallas are hosted by the prestigious University of Texas at Dallas as follows:

The Annual RED-in-Africa Conference and Study Tours for business, academic and public sector leaders held each September is hosted by the Global Business Forum of the Naveen Jindal School of Management.

The Quarterly Workshops, Seminars and Study Tours for policy professionals and related leaders held each November, February, May and August is hosted by the Public and Non-Profit program of the School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences.

The RED-in-Africa Forums at the University of Texas at Dallas bring together entrepreneurs, business leaders, government officials and academic researchers to facilitate and promote trade, investment and the sharing of ideas in government policy and academic research between Africa and the United States.

African countries, provinces, states and municipalities looking to promote their economic diplomacy, secure markets, attract investors, fight poverty, exchange policy ideas and share academic research will find the forums to be extraordinary and invaluable.

Who Can Attend the RED-in-Africa Forums

The September Annual Conference and Study Tours are open to any one interested in the economic development of Africa, partnerships with the United States. Because the conference and tours include discussions on trade, investment, academic research and exchange of policy ideas, participants are likely to be government officials, business leaders, researchers, students and professionals in all fields of human endeavor.

The Quarterly Seminars, Workshops and Study Tours are generally for policy leaders and officials, including legislators and municipal officials, and people or organizations interested in policy implementation and economic development. A principal aims of this forum include the exchange of ideas and the development of economic partnerships.


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