Refined Economic Development (RED) in Africa is a concept developed by Economic Growth and Development Center (EGDC) and promoted by the Economic and Business Strategies (EBS) Ltd as a way of addressing the serious challenges of community decline, environmental neglect, unemployment, poverty and poor inclusiveness in economic growth and development across Africa.

In the end, national economic growth and development depend on the success of the individuals, businesses and institutions of the community. Nations are an aggregation of communities, therefore strong nations are built from competitive communities. Consequently much effort must start with states, provinces, districts, cities and communities if Africa is to continue to rise.

RED-in-Africa is principally about using innovation to build competitive and resilient communities and nations. It employs collaboration among entrepreneurs, business professionals, academic researchers and policy practitioners to leverage global participation and partnerships for economic growth and development.

The Pillars of RED-in-Africa

As a unique economic development program RED-in-Africa is based on collaboration among policy leaders, the business community and academia to jointly seek global partnerships that assure mutual benefits and create platforms and networks to promote community development and therefore stronger national economic gains across Africa.

RED assumes that communities become more locally successful and globally competitive, regardless of geographic location, when they create, attract or network with strong global partners that promote innovative relationships and operations.

With RED, the community is the foundation for inclusive national economic growth. RED is about how to economically strengthen communities, enabling them to be able to create sustainable opportunities for business growth, employment generation and a rising level of living.