RED in Africa: A platform to promote productivity, networking and global partnerships

Tuesday, November 30, 2021


Economic and Business Strategies, Limited (EBS) is a knowledge-driven economic, business and management consulting firm that develops and provides competitive economic solutions and strategies for public and private organizations. It is primarily committed to building approaches for enhancing an organization’s global competitiveness, efficiency and productivity. Economic and Business strategies also develops strategies for achieving sustainable economic growth and development, with specialization in poverty eradication. The EBS supports clients in the public and private sectors, and has professionals who understand the dynamics and complexities of today’s global market place, business trends and general political economy. Major activities of EBS cover six broad areas: 1. Economic, business and management consulting, with Training Services and Study Tours, 2. RED Lectures and Forums, 3. Magnus Kpakol, gvA, 4. Study Hall Africa, 5. Office TV, and 6. Phenomenal Solutions.

EBS organizes lectures, seminars and conferences that help increase productivity, create jobs and business opportunities in Nigeria and Africa. Our RED forums are aimed to promote personal, organizational and community development driven with economic competitiveness, involving skill and investment management, entrepreneurship, markets development and strategies to make businesses and communities efficient, productive and therefore more globally competitive. The RED forums are also aimed at helping to explain and promote policy decisions and positions, especially in relation to monetary & fiscal policies and activities of the various tiers of government.